5 Ideas for Zero Waste New Year’s Resolutions

Zero Waste (1)

Reducing waste or going Zero Waste are great New Year’s resolutions and if this is something you want to work towards I’m so pleased you’re reading our blog to find out more. Both of these are HUGE goals and may not be specific enough to get you started so I’ve come up with some areas that you could focus on to start your journey.

Below are 5 goals you could set for 2018 to help you reduce waste or ‘Go Zero Waste’. The goals below are also general, but in the coming days I’ll be posting about how you can make them specific to your own journey.

Let us know in the comments if you’re going to adopt one of these goals or if you’ve already set a ZW goal for this year, we’d love to hear about that too!

  1. Correctly dispose of waste in your kerbside bins.
  2. Start recycling soft plastics.
  3. Switch one single use product for a reusable option.
  4. Switch a plastic product you use for a more sustainable option.
  5. Choose one food product to purchase without packaging.

In addition to these ideas, you may also be interested in joining Going Zero Waste for the 31 Day Zero Waste Challenge New Years Edition which commences January 1 US time. The challenge will be applicable to people anywhere on their ZW journey, from beginners through to advanced. You can find out more information here. We will share the challenge videos on our Facebook page each day starting Tuesday January 2nd.


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